A Tiny Country with Rich World Heritage

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A Tiny Country with Rich World Heritage


At the Slopes of Biblical Mount Ararat is situated a tiny country with rich history and culture, breathtaking and variable landscape, World Cultural and Intangible heritage. This tiny country is called Armenia. Here are the UNESCO sights of Armenia 

World’s First Christian State and its Spiritual Center (301 A.D) and Archeological Site Zvartnots  

The Dome of Mother Cathedral

The spiritual center of the First Christian State -Echmiadzin together with its four Churches is considered World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO . Situated just 17 km from the capital Yerevan this small city is home to the world’s First Cathedral, three  VII century Churches of different architectural styles and one 17th century Church. All of them are architectural masterpieces and the history of their foundation is connected with the World’s Christianization.

Cultural, Religious and Educational centers of Medieval Armenia  

Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries X-XIII centuries

Haghpat Monastic Complex X-XIII centuries  These monastic complexes situated in the picturesque valley of Debed river, are two of the most important cultural, educational and religious centers of Medieval Armenia. Thanks to their unique architecture, and historical and cultural importance, they were the first to be considered the World’s Cultural Heritage representing the Republic of Armenia.

Monastery Carved in the Rock and upper Azat Valley 




Another Example of World Cultural Heritage is Geghard cave-Monastery. Founded in the 4th century it became one of the most religious centers of Medieval Armenia in the XIII century. The upper gavit totally carved in the rock is one of the most beautiful and the most mysterious ambiances for spiritual concerts.



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