Armenia for wine lovers or 7 must visit wineries of Armenia


Armenia for wine lovers or 7 must visit wineries of Armenia


Let’s take a virtual trip through the winemaking history and modern wine-making of Armenia. Here we go!

Winemaking history in the Land of Ararat-Armenia

Genesis 8:4 –  “…And in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat”.

Genesis:9:20 – “Noah, a man of the soil, was the first to plant and farm a vineyard”.

Historians and ancient inscriptions 


Map of Armenia, Assyria, Etc from 1908 edition of Elementary Geography, Farr & McMurry | Map, Old maps, Elementary geography

According to Herodotus, Armenians had commercial ties with Babylon and used to provide the whole region on the Euphrates River with Armenian wine. Herodotus says that at that time Assyria also produced wine but Babylon received it mainly from Armenia.

During the invasion, the Assyrian kings pointed out the types of wine in their lists and also the number of grape gardens destroyed. The most demanded captives for them were winemakers.

Archaeological site

Armenia: Creating Home | Smithsonian Institution

Besides, scientists have no doubt that One of the World’s oldest wineries is in Armenia and it’s dating back about 6100 years! By the way, it’s only some 2 hours’ driving distance from Yerevan.

Learn more about  Armenian wine history, by visiting the Wine Travel Awards nominee- the Armenian Wine History Museum 



Here are the must-visit wineries in Armenia! 


Tushpa winery 

tushpa wine cellar

Situated on the slopes of Mount Ararat, this wine cellar offers great views and great wine.  The soil is clay-based and partially consists of sedimentary rocks. For winemakers, it is fundamental to enhance the terroir’s influence on the end product. Sharing these unique qualities will make the wine protected and justified.


Old Bridge Winery 

The vineyards are located at an altitude of 1250-1300 M above sea level. The seedlings were meticulously selected, in order to grow the high-quality Areni grape. Old Bridge winery - Wine and brandy factories in ArmeniaWhite grape varieties Voskehat are grown to produce white wines. The vineyard soil is rocky and sandy, which provides unique conditions for grape maturation. Due to the different heights and nearly five different geographical positions of our vineyards, the grapes mature differently and the harvest is done in stages, which usually take up to 20-25 days. Old Bridge wines got gold and silver medals in such European Wine Awards as Mundus Vini and Concours Mondial Bruxelles.


Best homemade wine  in Wine Travel Awards 

Momik Wines: The Ultimate Armenian Wine Tasting Experience

This 40-year-old family winery produces excellent wine. Momik was part of OneArmenia’s Farm-to-Bottle Program, a program that empowered grape farmers to use financing to create their own wines as opposed to selling their grapes to larger wineries.

The location of Momik Wines and its vineyards is what helps create a special taste – the soil is rich with limestone and calcium and that allows them to exclude artificial fertilizers which helps enhance the sweetness and quality of the wine. Momik wines offer an immersive and authentic Armenian wine experience with fine wine, locally sourced food, and khachkar (cross-stone) making master classes. 


Voskevaz Winery, Aragatsotn, Armenia - Hyur Service

Voskevaz Winery was established in 1932. With all modern innovations, it still has carefully preserved much of its authentic elements including the buildings. The renaissance of the winery began in 2004. Today, Voskevaz produces wine using modern wine-making technology and traditional old karases made in the 19th century. Karas, a traditional vessel for wine fermentation and aging, was used on the territory of Armenia from ancient times. Voskevaz wines were awarded multiple medals at various prestigious local and international wine contests such as “Mundus Vini”, “Decanter World Wine Awards”, “Sommelier Wine Awards”, etc.

Van Ardi


 Located in the ancient wine-making region of Aragatsotn, Van Ardi is the first boutique winery in Armenia and a key player in its wine renaissance. The terrain at Van Ardi is endowed with rocky volcanic soils, rich in minerality and perfect for wine. The v

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ineyards are sloped south-southeast, at an altitude of 1,050m above sea level.

 The microclimate is dr

y and windy, warm in the day and cool at night – the reason why we encounter little to no diseases in our vineyards.

These foothills of mount Aragats have a historic calling for winemaking that dates back over 5000 years. 


Armenia Wine 

Armenia Wine Company: Ten Years of Satisfying Consumer Demands

This is one of the leading wine-producing companies in Armenia. Equipped with the latest up-to-date equipment, the company has the complete set of resources to ensure quality winemaking throughout the entire production process of still and sparkling wines. Armenia wine company is home to the Armenian Wine history Museum.

ArmAs Winery 



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At the beginning of 2007, the disconnected site of ArmAs consisted of long-abandoned grape and cornfields, with countless rocks and boulders, and imperceptible vegetation. A boutique hotel was built, initially with the primary intention of providing residence for the international crews that worked on site for months at a time, over the period of four years, during the construction and first operational year of the winery and distillery. Office buildings, rest areas, a mechanics garage, laboratory, water reservoirs, and a hand-laid brick road spanning several kilometers throughout the vineyards were among the many developments completed in record time. The ArmAs Winery and Distillery was completely designed and constructed by Italian architects, engineers, construction crews, and wine industry professionals. But the awards speak about the wine quality

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