Parks of Yerevan for kids and their parents


Parks of Yerevan for kids and their parents


Have some free days in Yerevan with kids? The kids refuse any museums? No worries! Check out the parks! You will definitely enjoy these parks with them. Here we go!

Yerevan Park

If your family is an amusement park lover, you will enjoy it. Here you can find the most modern and safest rides in Armenia. Check out more details about the rides and the daily entrance fee, by clicking on the link  


Yerevan Zipline in Arabkir Park

How about some adrenaline? Welcome to “Yerevan Zipline Airlines” – a journey to unrepeatable sensations. This zipline is the longest in Armenia. The first line is about 870 meters long. The highest point is in the beginning – 123 meters. The zipline passes under the bridge at 87-90 meters in height. The length of the second line is 650 meters, with a height of 60 meters. You can speed up to 120-140 kilometers per hour experiencing unique and dreamlike moments, as well as a huge dose of adrenalin. You can also overcome your fear of height becoming more self-confident. By the way, our zipline is the only one in the world passing under a bridge.


Kids amusement park in the very heart of Yerevan

Zazaland park will be more interesting for kids under 10 years.  This park includes fun and interactive attractions, as well as an arts & crafts corner where children are able to master and develop their creative skills and imagination.


 Tumo Park 

If you happen to be in Yerevan in the summer, you will definitely enjoy this park. You can escape from the afternoon heat, have a nice picnic here, ride a bicycle, an electric scooter, or a segway. Fresh air, a nice view, a playground, and drinking water will make your day more pleasant. 


2800th Anniversary park and English park 

Another great solution for summer. Take a swimming costume for the kids and go to the 2800th Park or Fountains park. They will definitely enjoy playing under the fountains. This park is situated just in between two other parks. Cross a street and you will be in the English park, where you can lay on the grass, have a nice picnic, later cross 2 streets and go to the Children’s park, where you can ride a bicycle, take a kids train, walk under the trees or play with a ball.  


Victory Park 

Time machine or back to the Soviet Union. The most important monument of the city is situated here-the Mother Armenia. In this park, the kids can get on soviet tanks, a military plane, katyusha, etc. There is a nice walking area, accompanied by Ararat view and an area with an artificial lake. Want to experience some soviet rides? Here we go! Very few things are changed in the amusement park zone. 



 Don’t miss Cascade steps and Cafestjian center for arts. This is definitely one of the favorite places for all the age ranges and nationalities: the open-air part has 572 steps, unique carvings, works of modern art, and a great view. Inside Cascade, you will find different exhibition halls, a lot of pieces of modern art and a nice interactive library and kids’ corner with a big number of books in English. No entrance fee is needed. The exhibition halls, the library, and the art shop are open from Friday to Sunday. The escalators are open every day from 08:00-20:00

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