Some facts about Armenia and the Armenians

Some facts about Armenia and the Armenians

Somewhere between Caucasian Mountains and Biblical Mount Ararat has situated a tiny country with breathtaking Nature and various landscapes, ancient history and rich culture, hospitable people, and delicious food.It has a lot to tell and to show

to the World.

You can see its name on the World’s oldest map (Babylonian map is kept in the British Museum). By the way, this is the only one, among the mentioned countries, which exists so far ( now with 10 times less territory). The current republic’s map looks like a Queen from the profile. The country is home to the second-largest mountain lake in the World.

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Worldwide Traces

Italy ( Isola di San Lazzaro)

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Have you been to Venice? Do you know that one of its isles belong to this small Nation for 300 years? They have created a model of their country, where they have been keeping the knowledge of the rich historical and cultural heritage of their Fatherland. Once Lord Byron visited the Congregation, spent some time there, and was admired for their culture and language.  If you go to the Vatican, you can see the statue of the First Head of its Church, who is considered one of the patrons of Naples.


The Mediterranean, Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia


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In the Middle ages (11th-14th c.). At the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean sea, out of the borders of the Armenian Highland,  the nobles of this Nation created their small Kingdom which lasted for almost 400 years. The Kingdom of Cilicia had commercial relations with Venice, Genoa, etc.





Armenian ChurchThe oldest church of Singapore was built by them in 1835. The Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator is located at Hill Street in the Museum Planning Area, within the Central Area.  Armenian and Oriental Orthodox services are now regularly held at the church.

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Colombia -Armenia (city)


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One of the Colombian cities has the name of  this country. Why? During the First World War, the Nation was supposed to be eliminated by the enemy. The enemy planned to keep only one representative to ‘’show in a museum’’. The Colombians thought the Country didn’t exist anymore and decided to name one of their cities in memory to it. They couldn’t even imagine, that the survivors would  manage to create a Republic in the Northeast of the historical land.


Holy Land 

Jerusalem by TatevikWhen visiting Jerusalem, go to the Armenian quarter- the safest one in the city. Their monks have been guarding the  Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, together with the Greek and Catholic Churches for centuries. Want to mention that they don’t call it Holy Sepulcher Church, but Saint Resurrection.

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 City older than Rome

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    The cuneiform inscriptions excavated from the citadel of the old city, inform us out  the foundation of the city in  782 B.C. (older than Rome for 29 years.) The city became a capital in  1918.   In 2018 Yerevan celebrates  2800th anniversary of its foundation.



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