Who we are


Anna Karapetyan


Who organizes the tours for You ?

Hi, I am Anna. My experience in tourism and hospitality (since 2008) helped me to found Traveling Time Trips and organize individual and group tours for people interested in exploring Biblical Armenia. My mission is to help people explore my tiny country, which is worth being known and loved. I  do my best to make your trip interesting and well-organized. Traveling Time Trips  collaborates with members of the Armenian Association of Professional Tourist Guides.   The provided transport is comfortable ( produced after 2010), and the drivers are professional. For non-guided tours, English/ Russian speaking drivers will be at your disposal. Hotel booking service with discounted prices can be provided according to your request. For your convenience, I decided to have an online booking/payment system, thanks to which you will not have to carry cash with you or make expensive banking transfers. See the details in the Terms and Conditions of the website. Find out more about my experience and education on the  Linkedin profile.  Read the reviews about our service on the Tripadvisor