Let’s Get Acquainted

Hi, I’m Anna-the founder of  Traveling Time Trips DMC. Before we start our journey, let me tell you my story. When I first traveled, I noticed that there were a lot of people who didn’t know much about my tiny country full of history and beauty which is worth being known, visited, and loved,  so

Where to travel during the Pandemic?

Different countries create a big number of logical and illogical restrictions for their residents and tourists during the Pandemic…  We are suggesting a  Covid- friendly destination to you- Armenia. Let us tell you some tips for your trip to Armenia! 

The Venetian Lion, the Venetian Carnival and the House of Savoy have the same roots. What is the background?

Few people know that the lion on the column in Piazza San Marco in Venice, is actually the lion of the

A Tiny Country with Rich World Heritage

At the Slopes of Biblical Mount Ararat is situated a tiny country with rich history and culture, breathtaking and variable landscape, World Cultural and Intangible heritage.

Seven Reasons why Armenia should be Your Next Travel Destination

It is very hard to mention only 7 reasons why you should explore this tiny country which has a lot to show  you. Here are some of the basic ones . Discover Your Armenia! Here we go!

Some facts about Armenia and the Armenians

Somewhere between Caucasian Mountains and Biblical Mount Ararat has situated a tiny country with breathtaking Nature and various landscapes, ancient history and rich culture, hospitable people, and delicious food.It has a lot to tell and to show

The History of Armenia in Brief

Let’s start our acquaintance with Biblical Land Armenia. The information about the origin and the history of the country is taken either from the local or from foreign sources, such as Sumerian, Greek, Hittite, Persian inscriptions,